In Depth Details of Key Club


The Kiwanis Family is the group of service-leadership programs sponsored by Kiwanis International. The Kiwanis Family is primarily comprised of:

This family gives each other support not only financially but  in many other ways as well. For example, Builders Club members could help teach K-Kids members how to read.


Key Club Lingo 

CMRF: Club Monthly Report Form. These are crucial because they let Lieutenant Governors as well as the New Jersey District Board, know how your club is doing. The form is to be completed by your club Secretary and it is important to have it turned into me by the 10th of each month. In the form. Some areas of the form will not be applicable and that is quite all right, just leave it blank and fill in as much as you can!

OTC: Officer’s Training Conference. Officer’s Training Conferences are mandatory for all clubs. In order to carry out your position in the club when we come back to school in the fall, you must be trained by yours truly!

PCM: President’s Council Meeting. There will be five of these and more if necessary, throughout the course of the service year. At these meetings, the Presidents of the clubs (or any position of office if the President cannot make it) and myself are to meet up, usually at a restaurant or some nice place, to discuss how your clubs are doing.

RTC: Regional Training Conference. This is also mandatory for all officers. Here, you will have the experience to meet the New Jersey District Board and attend workshops which will help you have a better understanding of your position as well as workshops that will help spice up your meetings, stir some new ideas for projects, and a great opportunity to meet new Key Clubbers! Because the board knows that we all hail from different schools that could be far away from each other, the RTCs are broken up into three parts: North, Central, and South. Obviously our division would attend the Northern RTC since we are from the northernmost towns. There are RTCs held in the spring and fall. They usually take place on Saturdays or Sundays. The spring RTCs are  being held at Brick Memorial High School on Saturday, May 22nd and at Morris Knolls High School on Sunday, May 23rd.

KEY-Kiwanis Educates Youth

KCI-Key Club International

CKI-Circle K International

KI-Kiwanis International

BMRF-Board Monthly Report Form

CMRF-Club Monthly Report Form

NJDB-New Jersey District Board

MEP-Major emphasis program

CSH-Children’s Specialized Hospital

UNICEF-United Nations International Children Emergency Fund

YOF-Youth Opportunities Fund

ALS-Alex’s Lemonade Stand

CMN-Children’s Miracle Network


















DCON-District Convention

ICON-International Convention

DCM-Divisional Council Meeting

KFC-Kiwanis Family Conference

RTC-Regional Training Conference

OTC-Officer Training Conference

GATC-Governor Administrator Training Conference

PMC-President’s Council Meeting

BMRF-Board Monthly Report Form

CMRF-Club Monthly Report Form

IP-Immediate Past

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