Children's Specialized Hospital

Children's Specialized Hospital has been the district project for 4 years in a row. In the 2008-2009 service year alone, NJ Key Clubbers in total served more than a year worth of service, 24 hours/day. This year, the New Jersey District aims to raise $84,350.16 for the hospital. This includes $20,000 for 4 facilities, $4,000 for the fourth year of serving CSH, $350 for the $350,000 that the New Jersey District will have raised by the end of the year, and $0.16, the day of the 2010 District Convention. We also aim to serve 11,679 hours: one for each NJ Key Clubber. This service year is coming to an end and we have raised a little over half of our goal. The hospitals are counting on our donations to keep their 4 facilities in New Jersey running. Please keep raising money for this worthy cause.

Clubs should send contributions to:
NJ District Key Club
PO Box 447
Roseland, NJ 07068
As soon as possible.  




To the right are some photos of the merchandise being sold by Key Clubbers in support of CSH. If you are interested in buying and/or selling any of the items please contact me.

Bears- $7

Tee Shirts- $10

Ribons- $1


For about 5 years now the District Project has been Children's Specialized Hospital. Five years is a long time for the same project and by the decline in funds raised for this cause it is clear that soething new and exciting has to be brought to our district project this year. Generosity Rocks is the something new which has been proposed by CSH. 

 Generosity Rocks is a fundraising tool for New Jersey District Key Club. Each participating Key Club will host a musical competition at their school (ex. battle of the bands or American idol style). Money will be raised for CSH through ticket sales, merchandise and refreshments. Each participating Key Club will choose one winner via audience choice or judges choice. Have fun with it. If you choose to have judges, impose upon the craziest, funiest, and/or most like American Idol teachers for the task.

 There will be semi-finals in the North, Central and South Jersey. This is where the winners will compete to earn a spot at the finals which is where winners will be chosen by judging panel. The three winners (one from the North, Central and South) will go on to perform at the finals. The winner of the Generosity Rocks competition will have the opportunity to perform at the Welmont theatre as the opening act for….




This could be a great event or a total flop depending on the advertising, enthusiasm, and participation. Do the best you can. I know you won't let me down Division 4. (= Let's be the Southern Jersey Winners!!!
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